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Studio Art Cafe

Fluid Bear Session

Fluid Bear Session

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8cm Bear Key Ring: £20.00
18cm: £26.90
23cm: £33.90
34cm: £43.90
55cm: £119.90

Time: 2 hours

Fluid Bear Session Description: 
Dive into the fascinating world of Fluid Bear, where art meets science! Discover the mesmerizing process of creating stunning fluid art with unique bear themed designs. We pour paint onto a bear not on paper so you can leave with a work of 3D art. The special art form is very popular on TikTok and now Studio Art Café brings this amazing experience to you.

This is the perfect thing to do as a family as children like these pouring bears. It's also suitable as a team building activity and kids' birthday parties too.

We keep the bears for 3 days in our studio and will call you up when it’s ready- to- collect. Delivery is also possible but delivery costs will be charged separately.



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